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Revolve Photoshoot2 by LittleTicklishZephyr Revolve Photoshoot2 :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 17 36 Revolve Photoshoot by LittleTicklishZephyr
Mature content
Revolve Photoshoot :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 16 34
Aurora In All Her Glory by LittleTicklishZephyr Aurora In All Her Glory :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 5 11 Kalan Gang Tickled by LittleTicklishZephyr
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Kalan Gang Tickled :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 89 14
Thumba-Durzarina by LittleTicklishZephyr Thumba-Durzarina :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 2 1 Life Drawing the Boyf 6 - BOOTY by LittleTicklishZephyr
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Life Drawing the Boyf 6 - BOOTY :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 0 3
Life Drawing the Boyf 5 by LittleTicklishZephyr
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Life Drawing the Boyf 5 :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 0 7
Life Drawing the Boyf 4 by LittleTicklishZephyr
Mature content
Life Drawing the Boyf 4 :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 0 0
Life Drawing the Boyf 3 by LittleTicklishZephyr
Mature content
Life Drawing the Boyf 3 :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 0 0
Life Drawing the Boyf 2 by LittleTicklishZephyr
Mature content
Life Drawing the Boyf 2 :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 0 0
Life Drawing the Boyf. by LittleTicklishZephyr
Mature content
Life Drawing the Boyf. :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 2 0
ImageIf Queen Niayh Wore Modern Clothing. by LittleTicklishZephyr ImageIf Queen Niayh Wore Modern Clothing. :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 3 5 Goddammit. by LittleTicklishZephyr Goddammit. :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 2 0 WIP by LittleTicklishZephyr WIP :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 1 0 Cheeky 'On Lunch' shot. by LittleTicklishZephyr Cheeky 'On Lunch' shot. :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 6 19 The With and Without Glasses image. by LittleTicklishZephyr The With and Without Glasses image. :iconlittleticklishzephyr:LittleTicklishZephyr 14 32


Paypal Commission Open~
- all drawings will have background, either a simple or detailed. Check my gallery for further refs.
- I don't do shipping coz the shipping fee is rather expensive in my country (will do if you're the one who pay for it and it will be a printed one, printed size is negotiable)
- You'll receive Legal (widescreen) size image file (600dpi) instead of shipping
- You can check on my gallery for what I mostly draw. 
- I don't draw hentai, furry, non-humanoid (kemonomimi is okay)
- I'll ask for full payment after I show you the initial sketch.
- I'll put my signature on the commission and your preferable name : username or real name.
- Please credit and link my DA acc whether you upload your commission(s) in other websites. :)
:bulletgreen: Chibi Commission :
- $40, maximum two characters per drawing.
- each additional char
:iconmizuyukiiro:MizuYuKiiro 21 14
Commission: Aurora, the Summoner by c-mides Commission: Aurora, the Summoner :iconc-mides:c-mides 35 2 Commission: Aurora Gang Tickled by c-mides
Mature content
Commission: Aurora Gang Tickled :iconc-mides:c-mides 118 8
Commission - A rotten love, page 2 by KingNanamine87 Commission - A rotten love, page 2 :iconkingnanamine87:KingNanamine87 26 13
[CLOSED] Sketch Commissions Promotion!
Hi everyone, I decided to open 5 slots for a little Special Promotion of sketch commissions! 
Check the prices, read the rules and send me a note to grab a slot! Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 

Point Right SLOTS:
1. Anonymous User - Done! Commission: Laura, The Xenomorph Futanari Queen Ok Lime tick
2. :icontatedgibbs: - Done! Commission: Ashi's Pleasure Ok Lime tick
3. :iconlittleticklishzephyr: - Done! Commission: Aurora Gang Tickled Ok Lime tick
4. :iconitmfl: - In Progress loading 3<
:iconc-mides:c-mides 2 0
Commission - A rotten love, page 1 by KingNanamine87 Commission - A rotten love, page 1 :iconkingnanamine87:KingNanamine87 28 8 Take a Look at Aloys Feet by PawFeather Take a Look at Aloys Feet :iconpawfeather:PawFeather 402 70
  Welcome to the Feed the Pumpkin Attraction!
  In other words, I now am taking digital commissions!
  Your money will buy me food and pay for my doctors. I will be taking only few at a time to avoid piles of waiting commissions.
  Please, make sure you read all these, to avoid further confusions~
  I accept both only ATM as payment.
Scrapbook Character Journal $5 | 400

Portrait Sketch $5 | 400 (per character)

Fullbody Sketch $10 | 800 (per character)

3D Sculpt Bust Render $22 | 1760

3D Sculpt Full Body Render $40~50 | 3200~4000   (per character) Depends on complexity (closed)

Portrait $22 | 1760 (per character)
:iconv-mordecai:V-Mordecai 18 16
2B - Nier by jamjamstyle 2B - Nier :iconjamjamstyle:jamjamstyle 58 3 J-Files: The Lair of Mangiarisa 1 by MtkMichele
Mature content
J-Files: The Lair of Mangiarisa 1 :iconmtkmichele:MtkMichele 18 10
Commission February Update by Cheunchin Commission February Update :iconcheunchin:Cheunchin 10 0 Gift - The lady and the laughtaker pag. 1 by KingNanamine87 Gift - The lady and the laughtaker pag. 1 :iconkingnanamine87:KingNanamine87 34 11

Character Commision :

150$-200$ / character
add character = +100$ / character
complex bg : +60$


70$ / character
add character = +50$/character
complex bg = +40$

- Fanart / OC
- Male & Female
- Half mecha or Kemonomimi
- Furries or Full Mecha
- Hardcore Fetish
- Gore
For any type of freelance job, email or pm me directly.

1.    Send me a Note / Email with the following details : 

Commission Type : (Fan art)
Rendering Type : (Semi realistic / Simple)Background Type : (Color/ what kind of environment)
Additional Details : (the pose, the facial expression, your o
:iconlorenzbasuki:lorenzbasuki 4 0
Robin Teasing Poor Nami by PawFeather
Mature content
Robin Teasing Poor Nami :iconpawfeather:PawFeather 688 63
Commissions FAQ - CLOSED

-commissions open-
 Now working for : AzureKnight2008 - JojofanartAiohon12
:iconfanasy:FanasY 45 387
Rethinking My Decision by augustineart
Mature content
Rethinking My Decision :iconaugustineart:augustineart 208 14


LittleTicklishZephyr has started a donation pool!
40 / 1,200
Please Help me get Core!

I can shower you in feet photos and drawings and writings and stories!

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Little Red Zephyr
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United Kingdom
Hi there!

This is :icondurzarina: here

But this DA is specifically for tickling, fetishes and RPs

I AM taken.

I welcome all notes and messages ~within reason - be nice!

I am also Open For Commissions :3

Put This
On Your Profile
If You Role-play
:iconboredomreigns: BoredomReigns ~Remember when I said Rune had that horrific dream... yeah this is it..

you are standing in an enormous baroque nursery

all around you you see enormous painted bars
roll intelligence
3 D:
you're totally confused
what next?
walk up to them to see the material they are made of
you investigate the bars
roll intelligence again
you fail to identify the material, but you realise the paint they are covered in in glossy and luxurious
also that the bars are far enough apart for you to squeeze through
ah good good, i'd like to squeeze through and investigate the room a little more
ok. you squeeze through the bars
roll perception
you fall off the edge
but land safely on the ground
looking up you see a huge cot which you have just jumped out of
is there a door close by?
a very big wooden one at the end of the room
you realise the room is not very big
you are very small
walk cautiously towards the door?
you walk towards the floor. walking is strangely difficult
as you approach the door it swings open and a gigantic woman walks in and scoops you up into her arms
she holds you to her enormous bossom
it is powdered a chalky white
as is her face
she carries you over to the cot and plonks you down into it
for a few moments hse makes kissy faces and baby talks to you
then she pulls back to revel a huge mobile overhead
omg. urm. "Mum?"
she ignores you and continues to make silly faces and the like. she flicks the mobile into spinning
can i try to get out from the cot again
any attempts you make would be stopped by the woman.
ok. well. i would like to play with the mobile overhead to make the woman happy..
what does it look like?
from each stem hangs a tiny cloth doll
each stem is being held in the hands of a ferocious looking red monster
the stems and dolls dance about as the monster holds the all in its talons
its eyes stare into you
roll sanity
today is not my day.. 3
you are paralysed with fear
and drop onto the cot
your eyes locked with the monster
the woman assumes you have fallen asleep
and wanders off out of the room
try and close my eyes and get out of the cot again
roll toughness
critical fail. a 1
sanity loss
real world sanity loss, i'm afraid
the monsters eyes bore into your mind and you scream with deep psychological pain
owch. roll onto my front to get away from the eyes?
youre still paralysed.
however your screams have attracted the attention of the woman who comes rushing into the room
she scoops you into her arms and bobs you up and down
singing you a faint lullaby
she carries you out of the room
along a long red corridor into and enormous study
perception check?
20!!!! :3
you notice the faint smell of blood. you notice a high leather chair with its back to you
already you notice an intense aura of evil emanating from it
the woman walks over to the chair and hands you to the figure sitting in it
the man holds you with gentleness
he holds in his hand a small glass rattle, inside it are two sharp teeth
human teeth?
hard to tell
he shakes it, attempting to soothe you
can i try and nicely take it from him?
you stretch out your hand
as you do
you notice your fingers are small and pudgy
as you attempt to grip the rattle its handle shatters in your hand and the glass top falls to the floor
it smashes on the carpet
i wanna grab the teeth! please
you try to grab the teeth
but the man holds you tightly in his arms and stands before you can reach them
as he stands you notice that the view from the window is shrouded by a haze of scarlet cloth
suddenly the windows swing open and a beautiful woman in a red dress floats elagantly into the study
the man holds you to his chest protectively
the woman grins. exposing dazzling sharp teeth
the man holds you in front of him
he looks into your eyes
with horror you realise they are the same eyes as the mobile
in the image of your mind you feel a hole forming
like a tunnel or tube or pipe
the image of the tube fills your mind
suddenly you hear the sound of teeth stabbing into flesh and are vaguely aware of falling
before you hit the ground
you awake


Just before I disappear off to work (Booo!) Here is my newest video playing a game called Chess of Blades! Give it a look :P…
This has just kinda hit me.  Would anyone be interested in an audio commission?
I am so sad. I want to go on holiday with my grandmother but I need roughly £500 or $644 and I am so disappointed :( I may be able to save it. What about if I did commissions for people? What would you like!? It won't be expensive as my art isn't that good.
Because i love you all so much, i'm going to entrust you all with my snapchat! Add me on 'durzarina'
come and talk to me!!!

and i swear, if anyone... ANYONE abuses this by sending me inappropriate things, I will slutshame you on here. No chances, no nothing.  Be nice or i will bite 👍🏻 
Oh god it's been so long since being on here! I am so sorry!



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